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S&P Dow Jones Custom Indices provides independently calculated solutions that our clients need to meet specific investment criteria. Clients can select custom indices that are a slice of one of our existing indices or white label most of our indices across all asset classes.  Drawing on our wealth of resources and significant industry knowledge, we construct, maintain and disseminate custom indices for investors, exchanges and ETF providers.


Custom Indexing FAQ

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Leverage Our Custom Indices Mark


The "Calculated by" S&P Dow Jones Indices Mark is a powerful communication tool that allows clients to leverage the fact that their index returns are calculated and verified by S&P Dow Jones Indices, an independent, third-party whose core competency is index calculation and maintenance.

This mark is made available to all clients who rely on our Custom Indices to calculate and distribute their proprietary benchmark to market measures.

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Are you looking to modify our indices? Is there a new angle you need calculated on an S&P or Dow Jones index?

We have solutions in place to customize existing indices to suit any need. For example, the S&P 500®, S&P GSCI® or the Dow Jones Total Stock Market Indices can be calculated according to a modified methodology in order to create an investable product or benchmark for niche markets.

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Do you have a strategy for adhering to the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks?

S&P Dow Jones Indices offers independent benchmark administration services, including governance and oversight of index design, methodology, and calculation through a dedicated index governance committee. The service benefits from S&P Dow Jones Indices’ existing governance framework and adherence to the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks. The service provides an effective mechanism to promote transparency, integrity, and reliability in index design, maintenance, and in the dissemination of index data and information within a robust governance framework.

Information regarding S&P Dow Jones Indices adherence to the IOSCO principles can be found here

For information related to the EU Benchmark Regulation as a Benchmark Administrator, please consult our FAQ

Customize an S&P Dow Jones index with your unique methodology.

Clients are offered an opportunity to use our indices as platforms to apply their own proprietary methodology. Clients can potentially use an S&P- or DJ-branded index (such as the S&P 500 or DJIA) as the starting point and have us calculate a unique take on our indices.

Are you looking to create an index based on your own proprietary methodology?

Whether your index is designed for a product, benchmark or any other use, we can help. Our services can implement screens based on your methodology, apply weights and/or add or delete constituents when required. Additionally, you have the opportunity to publicize your use of S&P Dow Jones Indices as a third-party calculation agent or maintain a private partnership with us.

Does your trading desk or exchange need a partner in calculating dozens, hundreds or even thousands of indices? We can help.

We provide custom index outsourcing services to financial institutions, investment banks and asset managers with regional support in New York, London and Beijing, with local offices in Tokyo and Sydney.

Do you need an index for your ETF or ETN?

We calculate underlying indices for numerous ETFs and ETNs. Whether you want to incorporate an existing index into your methodology, apply proprietary screens against the universe of an existing index or need a third-party calculation agent for your proprietary methodology and constituent universe, we have global ETP solutions across all asset classes.

If you are seeking a 3rd party calculation agent for an OTC product or structured note, we can help.

We offer multiple opportunities and options across all asset classes for structured product providers. You have the ability to create customized versions of our standard indices for use in structured products such as OTC notes and futures, and you can also use the universe of an existing index to screen for stocks, or contract or develop an investible index based solely on your own proprietary factors and universe.

Do you need to create a benchmark that better represents a specific investment objective?

We have the capability to create a unique proprietary benchmark to better evaluate a portfolio manager's performance, measure a new area of the market without an index or customize an existing index such as the S&P 500® . Whether you are looking for a specific benchmark based exclusively on your own criteria or the ability to leverage our existing indices, we can provide the solution.

Client Information

With offices in New York, London, Beijing, Tokyo and Sydney, we calculate, maintain and distribute over 50,000 custom indices around the globe. Clients we serve include derivative and structured product providers, ETF providers, exchanges, asset managers and pension plans.

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